Let's Make Robots!

What did you do with your robot today?

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today I helped others with programming their robots


....also took some robot video and will edit it later and post it on youtube

You know what we did.


....they don't have robots like that in my part of the country!

Designing a robot for the AFRON "10 Dollar Robot" Design Challenge

Oh, we also want to get our swarm bot for the AFRON done.


Put googely eyes on it!

(ok, and made it move, hooked up a pir sensor, and did some soldering too)

I let ALF running on my desk for fun.


That little light in the bottom right and the photocell circuit that checks to see if the computer is on before it attempts to power it on. keeps the bugs away :P

ultrasonic radar is now working!

It is a sweeping HCSR-04 ultrasonic sensor, using salte as the base.




Full Drone Platform  

  ... putting together Picaxe 14m and Driver Controller to make it go about more smoothly.  After testing it out this evening, I will mount them on the inside and go on from there.

  The Robot Platform is the "Full Drone" type built by TheAndroidMan.

  Note - The video of this platform starts at 1:08 into its play time.