Let's Make Robots!

Germanys SH robot :)

navigate around via Sharp-IR

Hello from Germany LMRians :)

I'm new here and I'd like to share our little SH robot here.

At the beginning of WMR, we wanted to translate LMR's SH, but I think Picaxe is not so common in Germany.

Maybe somebody love this "device" and want to build one or translate it in english or another languages.

The walkthrough is in german but there are many pictures, so you can understand how to build this or how it works.


I'm sorry for my broken english :)

Regards from WMR :)


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Hey Aleks,

I noticed that the sharp sensor you used is the 4-30 version and mine is the 10-80 version. Will this one work with the WRM you wrote? The 10-80 version was the one used in the original SH Robot, so that's why I purchased that one, but the choice you made for your robot makes more sense for small environments. Hope to get an answer.



Hi Albert, there sould not be a problem using another sensor, you juist need to take care that the code fits to it. Your 10-80 will just detect the object earlier when set to the minimum distance of 10cm instead 4cm for the other one.

Nice Robot!

I'm from Holland and had difficulties to find the components for the original let's make robots in stores in "die niederlande", so I purchased different parts. Later on, I was searching for a nice WRM for the robot and discovered that you used the exact same parts for making this robot work! I intend to make the robot work with your WRM and later on I will try to translate the description in the WRM to Dutch as well as English if that's ok with you. If I use your complete code I'm going to refer to you as the original writer of the WRM, to give you some credits for the hard work.

Thank u for creating this nice little machine.


Thank you :)

You can do what you want with our description :) All of the things are for you - community.

Some referrers to LMR/WMR (please, not WRM ;) ) will be nice.

Also, you can buy our kit on www.watterott.com. We have a little deal with this shop and since last monday I'm working for Watterott ;-)

LMR's SHR is little bit cheaper, because we wanted an Arduino robot, so you always need Motor Shield (it could be cheaper with hacked servo motors, but I think it's crap and loud :-s ).

Hello Aleks,

WMR, I'll try to remember that, my mistake ;-) The general idea is to create a working "search and avoid robot" with parts easy to get in Dutch stores. I already purchased these things and put the parts together. I assembled the thing electrically the same way as your robot, but there are two diffrend parts. At first it is the Sharp sensor. The one you used is the 4-30 and mine is the 10-80 if I'm correct. The second part (actually parts) is the motor. In stead of the GM9 I purchased the DAGU DG01D 48:1 geared motors (part of a kit). Changing the WRM, to fit the sensor hopfully isn't to dificult, but when I put power to the robot with the 4 AA batteries installed, the robot only works when I lift it up. It works a little when I put it down, but obviously there is a lack of power. Now I wonder if it is possible to conect an extra 9V battery pack to the Arduino UNO rev3 board, or do I have to cut out "Vin connect" If I want to do that. Or Another option: connect a 9V battery pack to the motor shield in stead of the 6V battery pack? According to the website where I bought these parts, the motors have the following specs:

Max Motor Voltage:6VDC
No Load Speed: 90±10rpm
No Load Power:190mA(max.250mA)
Torque: 800gf.cm
Stall Power: ~1A


Make a double check of wiring between motor shield and motors incl. motor contacts. Which servo motor do you use? Last week we had a problem that power consumption of servo was too high and Arduino was reseted becuse of voltage drops. When wie used the RS-2 standard servo we had no problems.

Do you have one DMM? You can measure the current consumption of the whole robot.

9V battery pack will be better, but not 9V block.

Make a foto of your robot and post it here ;)

Hello Aleks,

I replaced the 6V battery pack with a 9V battery pack as you suggested. This means I connected the 9V battery pack to the Arduino motor shield and no power to the UNO. The robot works just fine now, well, exept the distance, because I haven't had time yet to learn the basics to write or change the code for the WMR.

Here a picture of the robot with the 9V battery pack on it's back.

Thanks for the help.

Thank you! :)


Cool that you post it here as well. I hope that more people come to the German page since some of them are more comfortable in their own language.

Your English is just fine...no need to apologize :-)

Nice, bro! WMR is very nice. I took a look in your projects and I liked specially the design of "Bubble". Cool projects!