Let's Make Robots!

Robbie the Robot

Navigation, fetch objects, recognise people

This is Robbie the Robot

The project is a couple of years in the making he is a

2 wheel differential drive robot with a Inmoov upper body

the servos in the arm have been replaced with gear motor controlled with I2C

the head has 2 Dynamixel servos for pan and tilt

The attached video shows the first driving test

using a PS3 joystick.

The second shows a test of the arm moving with the gear motors

instead of the servos

next test will be with the arm controlled with ROS MoveIt



Here is a video of Robbies arm controlled With Ros Moveit

the arm is being moved to random location




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What an amazing robot you have going there.  It's very impressive.  Thanks for showing us your progress. 

Is this the same Robbie that had a one webcam for an eye years ago?

Robbie started out as a box with one web cam here is a link to a earlier photo


i am interesting by your tracing and your AI if you are time let s us to know how you do that step by step

it was worderful for every body 

thank you




Just fantastic work! What are the future plans for Robbie?

for the next couple of months i want to bring together all his capabilities so they can all run together

ie Face recognition and face tracing through the AI will say hello or ask for your name if you are unknown he ask some questions and add you to the database. Navigation and arm control will work together to bring you what you request. At the moment they all work but not together