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ICStation ATMEGA328 UNO V3.0 R3 Board $6.99, 2 Days Only

ICStation ATMEGA328 UNO V3.0 R3 Board without USB Cable $6.99
200pcs ONLY

Check the details here: http://www.icstation.com/newsletter/eMarketing/ICS_Board_5040.html

T'REX Controller on Wild thumper 6WD

Hi, I just put the new T'rex controller on my Wild thumper 6wd, and i put the bluetooth module to controlled by my smart phone, but the problem is , it's running very slow, and lack of power.......

TARS from "Interstellar"

If you haven't seen it yet, the new Christopher Nolan film "Interstellar" features three robots that look like a cross between HAL and a ninja throwing star. _1412189530.jpg They're pretty clumsy puppets. If you've seen the movie (3 1/2 stars for me) what do you make of the realism of their motion? I don't see how they could work the way they do.


Hello LMRians!

I just wanted to make a final update on Yantra 3.0.  It is an art-tech exhibit taking place from the 8th - 15th of November in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

Obstructions on the field

Hello LMRians,

A week from now, a huge covered hall will be overtaken by an army of robots - over 60. My robots will basically be a bluetooth controlled robot and a transmitter (2.4GHz) controlled robot.

There will be other robots running on Bluetooth, Wifi, RF Modules, etc. I am curious about the major obstructions (frequency variations, data collisions, etc.) among/between robots,

Determining correct sensor for application

Last time I posted a question I got a few helpful and educated responses, but also a fair share of belittling and frankly cruel ones too. This time Im hoping for the positive and enlightening responses.

Stepper motor recommendation

Hello community! This is my first post and I am hoping the expertise and experience here can help point me in the right direction...

I'm working on a project for a robotic (duh, right?) arm with a minimum of 6 DOF and needs (would prefer) to support a max load weight of about approximately 50 lbs, when fully extended to a length of about 2 meters/6ft, give or take depending on the final hardware selection. 

What is your favorite I2C compass module?

I am working on adding compass support to the upcoming v0.87 libaries for RoboPi.


Currently, I am adding support for HMC6352 and HMC5883L based I2C compass modules in the upcoming v0.87 version of the firmware and libraries.

occupancy grid map with canvas?

Im pretty new in this and my english sux, but i do my best :)

Im currently on it to build a Robot based on the Rover5 Chassis with ExplorerPCB and using a Arduino Mega2560 as Controller on ExplorerPCB..