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smart way of turning around

I've seen these 1 motor walkers before, with the big disavavantage that they can only walk straight forward.  Look how smart this is solved on this robot by adding an extra wheel :)

Homemade Remote Controlled Walking Robot: http://youtu.be/zrbTm6BFO_U


RoboPi - the most powerful Robot controller for the Raspberry Pi (adds 8 core co-processor)

RoboPi stacked on a Raspberry Pi

Mikronauts RoboPi adds an eight-core 32-bit microcontroller running at 100Mhz to the Raspberry Pi in order to off-load hard real time I/O and allow more precise timing than Linux running on the Pi allows.

RoboPi Features

Frying Up Some Pi

Ugh! Someone I was trying to help with a cheap L298N h-bridge pointed me to this video from TheRaspberryPiGuy.

At 10:41 of the video he plugs the 5V line into his RPi's I/O pin.

LMR scrapbook

Hey guys,

More and more often our work is showcased on other sites - let's have it collected, links, scrapbook :)

NEW Metric Precision Stainless Steel Shafting

We just added Metric Shafting to our Actobotics

Chassis material

Hi builders

I just brought the Tamiya Dual Motor Gearbox with a pair of wheels. While waiting on the set to arrive, I wondered from what i should build the chassis of. My first throught was LEGO? I really just want to hear your thoughts and what how you build your chassis! :-)



Is my new robot a patent infringement?

I am new to LMR and have posted a couple of projects. I just finished a new robot based on John W Jamesons Walking Gryo, which he patented in 1981 and sold rights to some company. Mine is based on his idea of using a gyroscope (flywheel) precession to generate foward robot motion. I just finished my video and draft of my crude working version of his idea and realized it is infringement. So, it would not be wise to post my draft, right?

I will carefully consider all responses.


I am posting a video if you are interested in seeing it work.

Arduino UNO R3 SMD or IC

Hi All, I am very new to this hobby, I am looking to buy the UNO R3 board but have noticed there are 2 types, one with Microproccesor as an smd , the other with a plug in chip version of the proccesor,

Which one of the 2 is preferable please.



Solar outlet Power

Hey friends! Work is still slowly going on my robot project but something else came up that I could really use some ideas on...


What I'd like to build is a solar powered AC outlet (110v US standard). Ideally it would take in power from the sun, store in a battery, and go out to an outlet. A friend of mine is doing some major go-green efforts and I wanted to help out, however Im a bit rusty on my electrical engineering lol.


Electronics question: LEDs on a slightly unpredictable power supply

Hi guys, Way off topic, but you guys have been so helpful in the past, and i KNOW you know the answers, so one cant but ask!

We are doing a camper van conversion, and i have found some sweet "decking lights" for internal lighting.

They are sealed, "3LEDs and a resistor", units, designed to run at 12V (off a transformer, the junction box is a simple parrallel arrangement)

Problem is, the vehicle battery will produced between 11 and 14V depending on charge condition and if the alternator is running.