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Hexapod queries

Hi everyone,

I have been thinking of building a remote controlled hexapod from scratch including the code. However having never built anything like it and having basically no experience with arduino, I have a number of querys I would like your opinions on.

Change of plans: from 2d mapping to biped.

A while ago I was happily planning to build a robot that was able to map it's environment, but quite soon I realised that 2d mapping is part of a bigger picture. A robot that is only aware of where it is not a goal in itself, especially if it's an autonomous robot. I tried to find a purpose for such a robot for quite a while, but I couldn't think of anything without getting way over my head into object recognition etc. Fortunately I like to plan things before building something so no harm was done.

Waiting for a Pixy and Thinking of Challenge

I don't know how many of you ordered a Pixy from their Kickstarter, but I've seen the camera mentioned several times on LMR.

I was thinking of issuing a challenge to see who comes up with the first Pixy aided robot but I think such a challenge needs to be better defined.

What would be a good challenge? Line following with Pixy as the only sensor?

Robot Class

I am in the process of submitting a course proposal for an adult evening education program that would introduce people to robotics. One of the entries that I must fill in deals with expected material costs. I would appreciate feedback on what would be appropiate expenses and whether the school should include the costs as part of the registration or if the student should buy the components as needed. I am in favor of having an option not to build.

On a similar note, would it be better to first offer a course in "C" programming geared to a possible robotics controller board?

Again ... Encoder Counts Problem

I am again… !

Encoders problem again…!

Odometery problem again…!


Detecting someone is using a Desk. [Sensor Advice]

I want to do a system or robot that detects someone is using a desk. My question is which sensor or type of detection you would recommend me to use to allow to know someone is using a desk.


My choice are:

-Using an LED and LDR under the table if a person sits, it will detect. (If they wear a black cloth maybe it will not reflect back).

-Use an RFID tag, the person that uses the desk's touch with a tag.

-Distance sensor, in ebay this sensor is very cheap.


Not Automatic choice

ComMotion Shield for omni and mecanum wheel robots

After building my first omni wheel robot I realized how difficult it can be to monitor 4 encoders and drive 4 motors so I designed the ComMotion shield. As the name suggest the shield is designed for motion control but as I ended up with 2 spare serial ports I decided to add communications abilities to the shield hence the name ComMotion.

Robot Self Defense

Robots or biomorphs (robots modeled after living creatures) are commonly fragile especially as you move to a smaller scale.

Inverse kinematics

Been trying to understand inverse kinematics for programming my quadruped Crap-Crab. I started out by reading Wikipedia's version, which lost me completely (WTF?). But then I found the explanation by this guy and it turns out, as I thought to begin with, that it's simply a matter of applied trigonometry.

Here is exactly what I need in a nutshell: