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Robot Costume Contest

Hey guys!

If anyone is interested (and has mad costume-making skills), ezrobot is running a costume competition for Halloween! It can be any robot, it does not have to be an ezrobot. :) You can win some credit, and we would love to see some submissions from Let's Make Robots!  


seeking inside chassis view of "articulated track drives"

Hi All,

I've googled my search engine to the max and have come up with only one inside view (linked below) of the mechanisms of a robot with articulated tracks.  What i mean by that is robots like these:

I've found many photos of ones that either move both the front or back tracks up/down in pairs, and others that can move each track up/down independently (while still driving).

LMR scrapbook

Hey guys,

More and more often our work is showcased on other sites - let's have it collected, links, scrapbook :)

Halloween bust Arduino sketch

Hi..New to code; I ask for advice on sketch shown below(attached txt also). This is another halloween bust that needs 2 motors+3 servo's all set to move randomly.

- Movement does not look so random..I do not know how to add Random seed which some say makes it better ?

- how to make entire movement triggered by 4-pin PIR sensor (ping & echo)? or even a shorter range IR reflection optocoupler ?

 #include <Servo.h> 

Servo servo1;         // Define servo1

Servo servo2;         // Define servo2

Where could I buy a cheap BLDC motor position controller?

Hi! Can you please help me if you know any cheap web for buy a motor position controller? I am looking for a BLDC controller that does position control, like a servo motor.

Quick Capacitor Question

Hello everyone, I am designing a circuit using a LTC3588 chip and in the datasheet(page 14 bottom most picture) there is a diagram I am using to help me. In the diagram it specifies voltages for the capacitors; my question is the voltage rating of a capacitor is only to specify the safe voltage right? it won't have any effect if I use a higher voltage specified capacitor. I am pretty sure it doesn't make a difference, but I just wanted to be sure.

RoboPi - the most powerful Robot controller for the Raspberry Pi (adds 8 core co-processor)

RoboPi stacked on a Raspberry Pi

Mikronauts RoboPi adds an eight-core 32-bit microcontroller running at 100Mhz to the Raspberry Pi in order to off-load hard real time I/O and allow more precise timing than Linux running on the Pi allows.

RoboPi Features

H-Bridge Motor Control for DIY Servo

I'm building a DIY servo for steering Yard Gnome. I'm testing some things out while I wait for the 24VDC 30 rpm 41 in-lbs gearmotor I ordered to arrive.

I'd like some advice on my controller.


dagu trex motor output voltage fold from 12v to 6,6V

help !

motor output voltage was 12v before testing with two motors(3 min testing).

no smoke, nor bad smelly, nothing melted.

and now ,just 6,6V maximum.

power in is good with 12V.

that situation dont change after 2 days of testing. battery or PC alimentation for input.

12V PC fans for output or  12V  wiper motors   , or nothing , always 6,6V at maximum speed


Can anyone ID this component --- "U5" markings AD=307

I been trying to Hack an Ableton midi controller..... and yes you guessed it ....."a whisp of internal Blue Smoke"

The part located as U5 ... markings AD=307   (the carbonised markings are clearly visible with magnifying glass)

Its is a 5 pin device.

its some kind of voltage regulator ... i think ... ie directly after the usb in connector....