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i am getting an error in the pinmode verify area that i dont know why im getting


here is my code




PopPet is on Kickstarter!

It's finally here, the day has come, PopPet is on Kickstarter!

This has been months in the making. But finally, all the verification on Kickstarters end is over and now comes the wait to see if PopPet is as good as everyone says :).

So, if you have some cash to spare and would like to support me, you can check out the campaign by clicking on the link below.

Nosy's New Brain


Your advice would be appreciated on the choice of micro-controllers and programming languages for a new outdoors, autonomous mobile robot, already named Nosy. Built to take part in Robo-Magellan type contests (if such were ever to be held in this country!!) this robot would be used to develop new systems and processes as well as 'just for fun'.

I've been through these forums, and similar ones on other boards, but have found no obvious solution. None of the suggestions seem powerful enough for my design.

Arduino mega issue

Hi everyone, I'm new to this web site and also to robotics so please bare with me, I have a arduino mega 2560 and a mega sensor shield version 2. When I installed the sensor shield onto the arduino mega board the feet where the power selector has been soldered touched the outer casing on the USB connector and cased a short on the board which in turn burnt out the little component ( I'm guessing resistor) next to the USB connector. I have fixed the cause of the problem but would like to know if I can still use the arduino mega with this component issue. Thanks

Any interest in a temporary IRC Channel?

You all remember IRC right? No? It's basically the godfather of the shoutbox. Yes, it's still around. Since I'm probably the one who broke the SB I feel like it's up to me to do something about it. First step, admit you have a problem: we're a bunch of Shout addicts. Or we could all just go to the hang out. What is the level of interest here?

How to Make a Robot

I am totally new to this world and want to make my first robot Using pic or microcontroller.

I want to make with the parts i have.

Pic12f675,16f877,At89c51,At89c2051,LM339,ultrasonic rangefinding,Lcd,Breadboard ,motors with wheels and many more.

Can any One help me to make my first robo.

quadcopter board for balancing robot - motor control assistance/ideas needed

I'm planning on using the Micro MWC Flight Control Board DSM2 ESC's X4 Brushed Integrated

Cricket Chirps

Without the shoutbox it seems oddly quiet and lonely. How did we ever have LMR without it?  :-)

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