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PICKit 2


I recently bought PICKit 2 Starter  which has a Programmer and Low Pin Count Demo Board containing PIC16F690. I was wondering if if will be to possible to program any other PIC chip (lets say PIC16F886) with this programmer. And would I be able to use the board with PIC16F886 chip. I should have just got PICKit that comes with PIC16F886.

A Playstation controller as remote controller

So, suppose i have a couple of those wireless radio serial modules.. I'd like to hook the receiver to my robot, and install the transmitter on a playstation controller. Now, given that i can make a protocol of my own, the question is: how can i interface with the controller buttons&joysticks ? i'd like expecially to read the analogic joysticks.. is it hard ? How is it build inside ?

How do people get analog values? (Question)

I just had a question burning in my head. How do people get analog values from thier accelerometers, potentiometers, Sharp infared proximity sensors? How do you guys find those values that you can plug in the PICAXE?

Gadget Gangster Design Competition

Hey Guys - Long time lurker.  I'm the Gadget Gangster guy.  We did a contest a while back and a lot of lmr folks got involved, so I thought I'd let people know about our newest contest.

pwm on a picaxe

hay i was woundering if there is a picaxe board that can control the speed of 4 normal dc motors, ive looked but i cant seem to find a picaxe with 4 pwm channels,i think the 28x2 has something similar that has 4 channels but im not sure, any help would be appriciated.

dont worry found a solution

Cardboard Robot Game - starring LMR Look-alikes (rik-puff-calculon-mikv Pyro style !!)

Just for fun i found this game with an uncanny likeness to LMR bods.

including  rik (with Admin-glasses)- puff (the Dragon) - Calculon320 (the robot)- mikv (pyrotechniques).

There are too many synchronous LMR events in this game ....... (did an ex spammer make it !!!!)

Battery voltage going down every second


What could be the reason that makes the voltage of a 9V battery drop every second? Im trying to build a line-follower robot, and I'm doing the circuit in a general purpose PCB (the one with holes). I'm using a MCU (PIC16F877A) and in the beginning I had only the DC motors connected and it was all good, but after I connected the CNY70 the problems started. The circuit I'm using is:


schematics software?

what schematics software do you use?

Best regards from Spain. 

Arduino Motor Control Code Help

I am currently using a arduino duemilanove, and it is awesome. I have been playing around with it for a couple of days now, and I really like it. Anyways I figured it was time to start to building a robot. I decided to start with the motors. For the motor control I decided to use guibot's tutorial. It worked fine, but the motors only traveled in one direction. Because I wanted the motors to also travel in reverse too I decided to experiment with my own code (on only one motor) that looks something like this:

RS232 Communication with MCU

So I am making my own CNC - PCB Miller. It is communicating with the computer using RS232 (UART), but in my testing, I find that I don't always get the correct characters, even at 1200baud. Does anyone have a method to suggest for error-checking an incoming data string over serial? I was thinking of doing something like this:

CPU sends data to MCU 4 times.

MCU checks to make sure the data is repeated exactly 4 times.

--If yes->send "OK" 4 times

--If no->send "NOT OK" 4 times

If CPU receives OK, queue up the next data to send