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Small DC motors for robots

I have expermented with thes motors and provide specs. They are NEW and higher quality then toy motors. I use postal chippin calculator for shipments and welcome international response. I am just a small rbot loving bird trying to make my hobby self suffecient. I am willing to trade for some good quality onmiwheels and combines shipping no problem. Imformation as follows. I offer a good price for LMR members and will throw in a few TTL chips if interestted.



iCub, the Toddler Robot

iCub, the Toddler Robot (w/ Videos, Pictures)

A little humanoid robot called iCub is learning how to think for itself, bringing the world of science fiction to reality. The major goal of the "RobotCub" project is to study how humans learn and think, using a robot with the size and brain of a toddler, but the study is also expected to have practical applications in the near future.

What digital servo uses a Atmel 168 internally?

Several months ago I read a post on LMR about a digital servo that was controlled by a Atmel 168. Now when I say controlled, I don't mean hooking a servo to a microcontroller the normal way, I mean the motor controller board inside the servo had a Amtel 168 chip on it.

Just to clarify - I'm not trying to figure out how to control a servo with a microcontroller (like an arduino). I'm looking for a servo that uses an atmel chip on the controller board inside the servo.

how to build the source code....

hi...i'm fizan from malaysia...i have to implement a project for fullfill my study...i was developed a robot..but i had a problem to build the robot's source code...for your information i'm using one infrared sensor (GP2D12) to detect the obstacles...but i want the sensor spinning to detect the obstacles....if don't mind can u help me to create the source code by using C languange....thank you for your co-operation...

alarm clock


im planning to use  Serial lcd with clock upgrade as a timer in my project.unfortunetly i have a problem with the programming (serial connection)


for displaying the time  on the LCD the syntax is

init: pause 500

main :serout 7,N2400,(1)

         pause 10

         serout 7,N2400,(0)

         pause 490

         goto main



for the alarm clock syntax


init: pause 500

How to Compute Resistor Value?

I want to use this phototransistor in an Arduino project: http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/BOT/QRD1114.pdf

Based on the data sheet, I believe pins 2 and 4 go to ground. Pin 3 connects to +5 with a 66 ohms resistor in between. I got this value by the following computation:

My suggestion

Beginners like me want to build the same robots on home page
I think there are few documents about how to build them !!
So could the authors  supply some instructions of building your
robots when you post pictures of robots on home page ??
hehe , Excuse me , English is not my native language !!

TENET TECHNETRONICS is now an official Distributor in INDIA for Arduino Boards

TENET TECHNETRONICS is now an official Distributor in INDIA for Arduino Boards an open source Electronic Prototyping/Development Board, an easy way to procure boards in INDIA. These boards will help your  electronic ideas to become a reality. We also host a range of electronic boards - Micro Controller, VLSI and Embedded boards. We host a wide range of electronic components to cater your needs.

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Sparkfun sensors

You have written in your post that you used a Sparkfun sensor in making your balancing robot. Is there any cheaper alternative to Sparkfun which can be used instead.I stay in India so i have order the sensor and its pretty costly for me.Could u please help out.please please.The Arduino Deumilanove board is cheap so i can buy that.Could u recommed a cheaper sensor which works with this board.Thank you


Ravi Srikant

Line follower on changing contrast

I am making a line follower using an ATmega8

Now the problem is the testing of line follower, there is a black line over a white surface and then after a while, there is a white line over a black surface....

The robot will make a start on any of the corners...so it is  impossible to tell whether it is a white line or black line...and also in middle, the contrast will change...

I have to make the program in such a way that it will detect the change in contrast and continue its work

I thot this can be done in programming part..so posted here...