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Servo Control Problem

I know this looks common but mine is alittle unique. I have the PICAXE-08. Not M just 08. Which means i don't have a servo command. I tried seaking help and cwignell helped me as much as he could (Thanks a lot cwignell). But the servo just ends up spinning all the way to the left and jitters. I've tried his to example programs and PWM but the all end up the same

here's one:


Which rechargeable battery to choose?

Lately I've been a bit more careful about how I spend my money on my robotics projects (wasn’t able to get a summer job this year) and I have notices one big problem: batteries! 


Looking for an accelerometer

I am in the market for an accelerometer and figured I'd ask the LMR forum before I ran out an bought one. I have tons of goodies to swap; iDuino, Vex pneumatics, omni wheels, etc.

Any takers?

Nice pictures of robots

Here is page with a lot of really good pictures of different sorts of robots... pretty interesting... enjoy!


how does XORF work?

howd yu do?

I finaly caught on to the PIC assebly language!

I am using a pic on a simple little robot with the usual bump, revese, turn, obsticle avoidance. it will do more than that later but I havent even writen a PIC program yet so I am starting small. anyway there is on thing I don't understand in the tutorial i read. it is the XORFcommand. I understand xor gates but how does it work here; http://www.pictutorial.net/?page_id=152

it says 

PICAXE cat feeder


 i'm planning to built a automatic cat feeder using PICAXE microcontroller.Firstly i would like to note that i'm still beginner in micocontroller .this is my first projekt using PICAXE(normally arduino,,)...my question is how set the timer so that the servo is activated 3-4 times per day..(normally i found that the timer is only in miliseconds.)

 any help and suggestion is truly appreciated by me and my cats.thanks



ROV submarine

I playing with the idea of building a ROV.

A ROV is a Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle.

I plan to start simple, with a webcam connected to a computer, and 3 motors with propellers controlled by switches, all of it strapped to a frame of sealed plastic tubes. Something close to this instructable

But the robot geek in me wont stop there! I want to build:

A moisture sensor (to warn if the electronics compartment has sprung a leak) 

Help with XBee Explorer Regulated

Just received a couple of XBee & boards from SparkFun but I'm unsure how many pins are needed.


According to the schematic, http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Wireless/Zigbee/XBee-Regulated-v10.pdf, there's a DIO3 pin.


What is it used for?