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Robot arm trainer


i 'm new to this industry any suggestion on how to use the robot arm any classes or tutorial online.




Need help with my IR project

Hi everyone, I am new to this website, if I post it at the wrong place,please understand,sorry.

my problem here is I current working on a Infrared control car project as part of my school work, but somehow I could not get the Infrared reciver working. 


For the car control I used a picaxe 08M; For the car I used picaxe 18x with the infrared reciver (don't know the model,but this is what is behind the component '1B79 68A')

How to confuse an idiot

Sorry it's not about robot at all, but it's pretty funny so...



18f252. light up an LED

I'm trying to light up an LED with the 18f252.

here is my code

#include <p18f252.inc>

LIST P = 18f252

need help for my snake robot project

hello guys out there. I need help desperately for my project. can anyone out there recommend me a servo controller?

the size of the board must be small because i need to control the snake robot by using RF transmission. Pls help me out.

thank you. 

Arduino Blog in Malay language.

This is my blog for Arduino in Malay Language


I do it for student and hobbyist who want to get involve in Arduino and robotics. Arduino is still new in my country.

Maybe you dont even know the language. It's our natinal language in my country  Malaysia.

Just have a look and tell me what do you think and pls tell me how can improve it. 

Tweel - new tire system

Hows this for none air filled tires ........ recommended for skid steering too.

Question for you 3.3v proc users

Heya fellow lmr folks.

Pic Axe opensource database

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but I really like the idea and its probably the one thing that may switch me over to an arduino. I'm sure most of you know that the arduino has an open source database filled with tons of sample code, tutorials, and best of all... PICTURES. Now if we could get a handful of dedicated forum members (with decent cameras) I would like to organize and document how different parts interface with the picaxe microcontrollers.