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tilt sensor connection need help!

i just got one of these: (sharp-gp1s36hez tilt sensor)

 tilt sensor

and im not sure about these schematics and i thought you could help me connect this to a picaxe 28x1 project boad and a 5 volt regulator!!!

it should be simple! :D


What battery pack to buy



I am making an obstacle avoiding robot which uses Tamiya Twin-Motor Gear Box (http://www.robotshop.ca/tamiya-twin-motor-gearbox.html) which has two FA-130 motors. Maybe I will add lcd, leds, etc. in future. So what battery pack should I buy. There are different types of battery packs available at http://www.pololu.com/catalog/category/54

Which one would serve the purpose, and would be usable for future use. 

Don't f*ck with robots

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converting ac to dc voltage

i need connectionsin pcb for converting ac voltage to dc voltage i.e 9v


I have a secret idea....all i want to know is how i could transfer the codes off a remote onto an arduino? like a tv remote. I know they us pulses of light but how? 


EDIT!: I was chatting at LME go to the site! letsmakeelectronics.com i think......anyway i figured out how to do it and will post it on LME as soon as i get it made!

LMR=Lets Make Movies

Where are the robots?

LMR seems to be drifting away from the orioginal core LMR values.

Movies / videos are a great help in descibing a robot project, but should not the primary goal.

There are many new posts of:

I built a robot,

Here is the video,

End of story.