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Taking professional looking pictures, with a regular digital camera!

I just HAD to point out this post in the Arduino forums I seen, this guy takes AMAZING pictures! And explains how, even answers all your uber questions. Good for newbs like me! :D Great writeout!


 None of this is mine, just had to make sure this was out there, especially for those up and coming bots! :)

Just an example below:


automatic led emergency light

i am new to this website

can u help how to build automatic led emergency light

i need help for connection and circuit diagram for led emergency light

please help me........................

thanks for ur help

The best way to manage 2A motors.

Hi all, i'm wondering how i can control a motor with 2A current flow at 6Volts. I'm hacking a toy and the motors that make it to move requires that current... so i can't proceed to my plan A: the L293DNE, because it manages a maximum of 1.4A.

I don't know if exist a similar chip but wiht a higer current limit.

If You have ideas for that... PLEASE HELP ME!

very fast grippers

This has to be the fastest robot hands I've seen...



Totally Lost. Totally, totally lost.

What I need is a wheeled, remote controled machine that can go into crawlspaces as little as 4" high and as tight as 4" wide, grab a line securely, and allow me to drag the line out. Estimate that the maximum the wieght should ever be is about 5lbs, with forward and aft cameras and lights (assume the microscopic "spy" type cameras and only a few inches of veiwing area for the light).

PICAXE exchange

I have wanted to start on my automatic trash can. I ordered a PICAXE - 08 but, i just found out it can't control servos. I have a servo that controls the lid so i'm in big trouble. So I ask you guys. Anybody have the PICAXE-08M so I can send you a PICAXE-08 plus $1 ( cause it's $1 more expensive). just a little exchange via mail. If you can do it. tell me and we will continue contact through e-mail. 

Cause I already ordered a group of parts from solarbotics and if I want the PICAXE 08M, I have to pay $10 instead of 4 because of the crazy shipping fee.

Please help 

Sharp GP2D120 IR Sensor Readings



I just built my first robot following the "First Robot" tutorial. The only problem I am having is with the Sharp GP2D120 IR sensor. When I run the code as per the tutorial (i.e. "readadc 1, b1" and "debug"), the values for b1 are displayed as:


123, $7B, %01111011, '{'


The readings do not change even if I put something in front of the sensor. Do those readings provide a clue as to what is wrong with my robot?


Thanks for any help you can provide.



ultrasonic sensors > differential steering

Hi there,


I'm a total no nothing about robotics person.

I'm trying to connect the differential steering system of an old electric wheelchair to between 4 and 6 ultrasonic sensors.

 can anyone help me, is a there a kit i could obtain? maybe something i could adapt?


thanks everyone!






Battery charger (method) for lead acid battery

Hi all,

Got my hands on 4 of these babies battery

They were for free so i have to use them:-) Would like to have 12V and as much power as possible so I was thinking of this setup:


QUESTION 1: can I just charge this whole thing with a suitable chargers as if it is one big 12V 20Ah battery or do I have to do something differently?