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Transistor Confusion (again)

Greetings fellow meatbags.

Calculon is trying to hook up a pimpin motor to his Mr Basic, and has come across something very confusing with his transistor.

Here's what he's trying to do with a nte123 pulling a seperate power supply to a motor made for 3v:


He also tried it with a 2n3904. It didna work for either. According to his understanding of NPN transistors, the output from the picaxe should switch on the tran, and pull the 3v through the motor. No?

Where to start, cheap!

Hi evrybody!

I really wont to start at building robots, but my mom thinks that i will drop the subject after 2 weeks or something. Then i have bunch of questions but only one main question at the moment:

Can you juse Java to program Robots.

I wont to build a car, and i wont it to turn out really cheap! EXSTREMLEY cheap! I heard of Android or something like that, i hope you can help me :)


Ps: My mom DONT wont me to weld :)

Modifying Parallax Ping)))

I'm wanting to make a small physical modification to a Parallax Ping))), however I'm not sure that it won't destory the component.

 What I'm wanting to do is create a backlight for the ping (such that it would look like glowing eyes). The way I imagine donig this is by drilling a small (maybe an 8th of an inch in diameter) hole in the side of each cylinder on the ping, and insert the the tip of a standard (or possibly smaller) sized LED into the hole from the outside. This should glow the inside of the cylinders fairly well, and should have a cool affect.

ByVac BV513

A new type of Micro controller has just been released from ByVac.


it seems to be a very nice beast. ( I just won one ), I'm nothing to do with the company, I've just used their 12c lcd controllers before 

Yellow Drum Machine Code

The creater of the YDM posted his code on the page where he originally documented the build, and I was going to use it as a starting point for my soon-to-come build. 

I can't seem to find the link for it. Anybody know where I can find it?



Arduino and sensor from yerobot.com

YeRobot.com is a newly founded company which is the main distributor of DFRobot.com in EU. 

 It carries Arduino series product and URM sensor series. 



For those in New Zealand and Austrailia

Have just had some parts sent to me by Tim at mindkits.co.nz. Had a great experience dealing with Tim he was quick at replying to emails (same day, on weekends and within an hour). Parts were delivered within a 2 days. Great dealer in Parts and assistance.

I highly recommend Tim and his site for those in New Zealand and I guess Australia.


Future Robotics Engineers

Check it out everyone. We had our first Arduino class. I was excited to see how many parent & child participants showed up. We were expecting 12 total but had double that!

Here are some photos.