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polymorph hand!!!!

so ive been working on a polymorph hand for quits some time now and i need halp on the place ment of the servos

NEW Channel Connector Plate!

These plates make it easy to create a strong joining point between our channel pieces!
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Motor selection advice.

Is this motor a good choise for a 4wd/6wd robot weighing 1-3kg? It looks cheap, fast, and powerful.




PICAXE 20M2 Not recognized by computer

Hello everyone!

I've soldered on a prefboard a circuit for my 20M2, but the 20M2 doesn't get recognized by the computer.

I've checked already the connections and resoldered some components but it does still not work.

I checked first there wasn't anything wrong with the download cable or with the computer but I can still program my 28X1 on his project board.

Build a Raspberry Pi Camera Robot (Updated)

Hi all, I'm a big fan of Dagu's Mini Driver board, and having realised recently that its 5V voltage regulator could provide up to 1A I've put together a tutorial which shows you how you can easily use it to build an affordable Raspberry Pi Camera Robot that you can drive round using a web browser on a tablet, smartphone or computer.


so ive been making a polymorph hand for quite some time now and i needed to know the best placement for the servos... take into consideration i also have a palm.

Chinese prices with US shipping times: Tayda Electronics

I live in the US, which is nice when it comes time to buy parts.  We are fortunate to have lots of companies selling electronic and robotic parts, from big name distributors like DigiKey and Mouser, to smaller hobby oriented places like Sparkfun, and surplus outlets like All Electronics and BG Micro, and those in between like Jameco, among many, many others.  I have have good luck with all those listed.  Normally, my stuff arrives within a week.  But there is a whole other world of buying from Chinese suppliers, often on Ebay, but also quite often from established web st

Updated instruction manual for Mini Driver

The Mini Driver was released by DAGU some time ago. It is essentially our Magician controller in SMD format. Unfortunately the engineer who designed it does not have very good English so I was asked to re-write the manual. You can view/download the manual from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B__O096vyVYqczRjX1k5LTRkcjA/edit?usp=sharing

Apply for a free ICs chips for testing

All ICs chips on www.ICStation.com are on 30% off till 15th, July.
And if you have a project which needs our ICs chips, please share us the usage of our item on your project. Then we'll have a review and decide to send your the free chip for testing.

Micro Controller grid with LMR user cross reference?

Rox and I have a common complaint-we seem to collect SBCs like baseball cards. Tonight.