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Updated instruction manual for Mini Driver

The Mini Driver was released by DAGU some time ago. It is essentially our Magician controller in SMD format. Unfortunately the engineer who designed it does not have very good English so I was asked to re-write the manual. You can view/download the manual from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B__O096vyVYqczRjX1k5LTRkcjA/edit?usp=sharing

Apply for a free ICs chips for testing

All ICs chips on www.ICStation.com are on 30% off till 15th, July.
And if you have a project which needs our ICs chips, please share us the usage of our item on your project. Then we'll have a review and decide to send your the free chip for testing.

Micro Controller grid with LMR user cross reference?

Rox and I have a common complaint-we seem to collect SBCs like baseball cards. Tonight.

Hantek 1008B Oscilloscope review

I wanted to watch a lot of analog data faster than Arduino's or MCP3208's could manage, so I ordered a Hantek 1008B a while ago.

Hantek 1008B Review

Since I decided to use it for the HexPi and TBMST tests, I decided to write a review before using it - figuring that if it ended up being useful to me, it may be useful to others.

T'REX tank chassis

It's been a long time coming but the T'REX robot chassis is here!

I've just been testing the final product so I thought I would post a few photos of the new chassis. The chassis is aluminium with a black powder coating. The tracks and struts are zinc with a black anodized finish. The wheels are zinc with a chrome finish.

What should I do with my new Neato-XV14

I just acquired a Neato XV-14 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for $50.  It's owner was dissatisfied that it could not return to base from another room...  I tried to discuss infrared "line-of-sight".... then thought ... "shut-up dude, he wants to sell it!!!"  

I offered $50... and voila... one fully functional Neato XV14 in my posession...

Help to convert a blank ATmega328 into a speech synthesizer chip for under $5

Some time ago when I was looking at the cost of speakjet and other hardware speech systems I remembers that back in the 80's there was a program call S.A.M. (software automated mouth) that ran on my Atari XL. It was also available for the C64, Apple and possibly some other systems.

The Raspberry Pi Powered PiBot

                                                                          The PiBot Website

HexPi - video of trembling legs

In case anyone is interested, I've an embedded video of HexPi with the better mousetrap servo tester controlling his front legs.


HexPi Calisthenics

It shows quite clearly how poorly some of the MG-995's behave - even with very filtered power.

I'll try to embed the video here, not sure if it will work (never tried to before) ... nope, did not work.


Dagu Mini Driver and Raspberry Pi

Hi, I have looked at all the instruction manuals I can find ( I may have missed one) for the Mini Driver, but cant seem to find out if, the Dagu can comunicate with a Raspi via the ISP ( instead of the USB) . Anyone know if this is possible ? if so could you please tell me the pin out ?

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