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More code

What I am trying to do with this code is measure air temp and humidity inside a cooler and outside the building, if the cooler calls for cooling say its over 35F, and the outside air is less than 30F and humidity outside is under 65% I want to open and ehaust damper with an end switch, the end switch will close when damper opens, then turn on a fan that will blow that cold air into cooler, also would like to show values on an lcd for a bit of wow factor.




Learning to use WiFly RN-XV module, any advice?

Recently I have started trying to add WiFi to my robots. The WiFly modules seem like a good choice. Reasonably priced and they fit in an XBee socket so that I can easily swap the hardware between Xbee and WiFly. For this reason I added an Xbee / WiFly socket on the ComMotion shield. Unfortunately I know nothing about networking so I have a steep learning curve ahead.

Expressions used with encoders


While I am reading and collecting information about rotary encoders , I faced some troubles about the meaning of some expressions concerned with encoder ,which make me to be confused and stray,  these expressions or words are :

Need help

For some reason gedit just stoped working on my BBB and is giving me the following error;

(gedit : 1072): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display

this occurs whether I'm ssl'd in or windowed.

I did an echo $DISPLAY and the value was blank.

So my question is what is this value supposed to be?

I changed it to :1 no luck, :0.0 and couldn't ssl in at all.


Mike the newbie

adding a second dht22

I am using a dfrobot lcd, http://tinyurl.com/kfgbkf9 , and a dht22 temp humidity sensor, http://www.adafruit.com/products/385 , I want to add a second sensor, inside, outside or upstairs, downstairs kinda thing, could I get some clues, I think I just don't get how to name the second sensor, would like to add it after the delay in the loop. Google was not a ton of help?



Yet another possible robot microcontroller...

Hello again!

Take a look at: http://geoffg.net/ 

Then: http://www.circuitgizmos.com/products/cgmmstick1/cgmmstick1.shtml   (I mention the "stick" because of it's size and format.)

These PIC-32 based modules can be used to make entire little 'old style' microcomputers or..... the stick looks GREAT for making a very nice robot controller.

Translation the shaft encoder data

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expected ( before token ;

i am getting an error in the pinmode verify area that i dont know why im getting


here is my code




PopPet is on Kickstarter!

It's finally here, the day has come, PopPet is on Kickstarter!

This has been months in the making. But finally, all the verification on Kickstarters end is over and now comes the wait to see if PopPet is as good as everyone says :).

So, if you have some cash to spare and would like to support me, you can check out the campaign by clicking on the link below.