Let's Make Robots!
So I'll be making a robotic hand, closely modeled too a human one.  I'll be experimenting with unusual actuation methods such as shape memory alloys.  I'm … Read more
Pushes other robots out of a ring, breaks ankles
This is one of the robots I am building for this year's NRC. I'm trying an atypical wheel setup for this robot, which could be fast and maneuverable, or could … Read more
The gravel used in the Top of the Hill event at the NRC makes it hard for robots to maneuver. Wheels are likely to sink in, and treads will often jam with gravel. … Read more
Picks up ping pong balls. Traverses gravel pit
This was my first try at competing in the National Robotics Challenge. There are a number of challenges involved, but I chose the Top of the Hill challenge. The … Read more
Allows user to navigate areas and communicate remotely.