Let's Make Robots!
This is a continuation of my Robot Metallurgy 101 Lesson Journal. After I was able to get my motors moving using the SN754410 I became a little obessessed with … Read more

Silas and SMD

So, someone was in my lab looking for batteries and knocked over my SMD passives container.  Luckly, the resistors didn't make it out, but all the 0603 green and yellow LEDs, along with a 3.3v SOT-23 regs were lost.

Sooooooo....guess who learned to use tweezers, how to identify LEDs, and what a "SOWT-TWENIE-DREE" was?

This kid,


Ok, shameless parent brag is over.

Bluetooth Low Energy Breakout
Using a
Here are some random notes on working with the HM-10.   Working RX/TX LEDsHow upgrade the HM-10Pseudo Star-Networking HM-10s   Working RX/TX LEDs Read more

Yahmez' Y-Babies

UPDATE: 2/1/14

I'm about to send the first run of the ATtiny 84 version of the Y-Baby to OSHPark.  It is a lot larger than Yahmez' original design.  Coming in at 26mm in diameter.  This was necessary given it uses the LIR2032 and a SMD coin-cell holder.

A few design notes:

Hey..um, Max...

I came across this article while looking through UTA (local research university where I've done some course work). 

I'm thinking, we start making the inner-structure of one of your tasty gifs.  Then, when UTA finishes...well, we make one of these:

Complete micro-robot controller with ATtiny 85
                            Awhile back Sparkfun posted a new product, their MiniMoto breakout board.  It breaks out the DRV8830 IC, which is a … Read more

Unknown Charge Rate of eBay LiPo Battery

I don't suppose anyone could help me discern the charge rate for this eBay Bluetooth battery?

It's marked "AHB56174 OPA"

It's 3.7v, 365mAh.  I can't seem to find even a hint of a datasheet.

At this point, I'll accept wild guesses.  I'll just make sure it sits outside while charging :)

Two Dumb Questions; TX/RX LEDs on TTL and Wheel on Motor

Good evening everyone,

Two dumb questions:


I'm working on getting simple RX/TX traffic indicator lights on a 3.3v TTL system.


The LED is a tri-color RGB LED (datasheet).  I'm trying to accomplish something like in this post here, the Olin answer.

Combines an ATtiny 85 and HM-10 (BLE)
Using a
UPDATE: Added BOM corrections. (Sorry for floating.) Ok. Here's a finished board I've been working on for a bit. In essence, it is a BLE node board.  It combines … Read more
UPDATE: Added info on making SPI programming jig (makes life a lot easier). UPDATE: Added ATtiny 84 info (though, the post is meant for the ATtiny 85). I've been … Read more