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SRF05 with common in/out pin

I'm trying to get the PICAXE-28x1 to work with the SRF05 usnig a common input and output pin. The reason is I want to conserve my input and output pins. I've seen discussions on this site about it, but I don't know if anyone ever succeded.

Since the 28x1 allows you to reconfigure digital inputs as digital outputs, I figured it should be possible to use "Mode 2" of the SRF05 with a commmon single input and output.

Here's the code I tried. I also tried some varations the timing, as noted.  No luck so far.

Too Scared to try :)


are my connections correct?



i read the manual...


im having doubts though...


sorry for the annoying question :)Question.jpg

Looking for small Pneumatics.


 I am looking for some small Pneumatic parts,

Air regulator, down to ~5lbs

mini Solenoid controlled valve

mini manifolds

Any suggestions?


What's on your dream robotics shield?

Right now, I have 3 platform modules,
  • LCD + UI
  • Prototyper
  • Propeller

I'm going to make 4 more modules in October.  3 have already been completed;
  • DMX I/O
  • PICaxe
  • Video + IP

I'm thinking the 4th should be some sort of robotics module.  I'm not sure what to put on it, though, so I'm looking for any suggestions.

Remember that the ucontroller would be on another module, and the module size is 3.8" x 2.5".  What do you think about;

Range scanner comparison?

Hello all,

I'm new to the forum, and fairly new to robotics.  I'm currently considering working on a research project involving multiple robots mapping an environment (something simple, like a wooden maze) together.  For the mapping I would need a fairly reliable range sensor.  I would very, very much appreciate some advice from seasoned robotics veterans such as many of you on this site!

IR and Sensor rangefinding data visualisation

These images were created by stepping a pair of servo motors to create a file containing sensor readings for each possible servo position.

I took 3 readings for each position from each servo and stored them in a file, then read the data back in a seperate pygame program running on a desktop to generate the image. RGB values were generated from the 3 readings from each sensor.

who wants to help with code?

this is the code for my new robot it uses two servos to drive forward and a ping mounted on a servo that sweeps back and forth when it senses something 9inches or closer it backs up and turns right. what i would like it to do is when is sees something it will take the angle of the servo and if its right it will turn left if its left it will turn right. any ideas? btw i cant claim the two main peices of code one was found here will give credit when i remember who posted it. 2nd is the ping sample







Here's my "ghetto-duino" complete with LCD!

 EDIT: Had to put this picture at the top.. everyone needs their LMR dedication! :D

Stupid LCD... it's 1 pixel short of looking perfect! cuts off part of the first w :/  

PICTURES BELOW (near the bottom of the post) of the solder job under the board.



Well I finally got my camera taking pictures I felt were satisfactory, so you may be getting an excessive amount of pictures of random stuff. :D

I am a beginner

I would not know much about the robot, who has a detailed description about robots? Thanks!(about  Hardware)

IR and Ultrasonic

is it possible to connect GP2Y0A21YK0F ir sensor as a obstacle avoiding and SRF005 as motion detection? btw im using picaxe28x

Canadian eletronics supply

This is a site that I have recently found browsing ebay for a local supplier to help me along the way of learning and building.





Please post if you know of any other Canadian affordable suppliers

Atmega + camera.

I have thought about atmega + camera idea too, but for use on atmega not sending. I looked at CMUcam but it wasn't so low-cost as it was advertised (100$ it too much). I found http://www.robotshop.us/sfe-cmos-camera-640-480.html . It seems cheap, microcontroller friendly and so on. Only problems are - SMD connections, killer programming and impossible debuging.


So, all thoughts and good links are welcome.

Simple Control of a DC speed controller


I'm about to purchase 2x 12V motor speed controller to drive a remote control golf trolley (4QD Porter). They can be controlled via 0-5K resistor or 0-3v. I want to use a picaxe 28 to control the speed, what would be the easiest way to control them ?

I would prefer not to have a servo mechanically driving a pot, is there a simple solution.

Please assume total ignorance, i am very new to this.

Many thanks.

Anyone seen any links to using a lathe /mill machine to make a robot.

I have only found ONE link searching the whole web. I recently bought a 7X10 lathe/mill machine and would like to use it to work on my robots, but no info except general operations.  Any links would be apreciated.




I need help

Hi all, there are problem i'm in laos and i need to try to make simple robot but i am a new student, my problem is in laos have not picaxe (CPU).. Tell me how i can do, please..

Our respective workplace

A while back there was a forum, "Our respective workshops". After telling a friend about my desk I decided maybe it would be interesting to see where fellow LMR members worked to pay for their robot addiction. Here is my desk, at the moment I can't type a sentence without nuts/bolts and various electronic components falling to the floor. My desk in China is a bit smaller than the tressel table I had in Australia.




CNC/Prototyper for Cheap

I am making a robot that needs a kermillion custom parts and I have like no money. I have seen the reprap machine, and am interested.


(whats the difference between a reprap and a makerbot?)

 I have also seen a manual one that looks modifiable, but not as user friendly, for much more money.

Any suggestions?