Let's Make Robots!

Some Programming and Connection Questions

Hey everyone, I just found this website and have been browsing for a few days now and some of the stuff I've seen is very cool. I want to get started on my project and I really just want to jump right in. I have some experience in both programming and electronics and I want to get started on my first project. In terms of function I think i'll keep it pretty simple, but I want to create a solid base that I can easily expand upon. What I'm going for is a basic robot with four wheels. I think I'm going to use an Arduino microcontroller but I want to make it wirelessly controlled.

Robotic Crane using PIC16f or 8051

hey! i'm planning to make a robotic crane.and i reallly need help.

the basic idea is to build a robot WITH PIC16F877A (OR 8051) which carries magnetic loads(it has other auxilliary functions as well)

QRD1114 on picaxe too slow for wheel encoder...

I am trying to use QRD1114 in trying to encode wheel rotation. Even at the slow speed the QRD1114 can't detect the dark and white strips on the wheel fast enough. My setup is like the one on HVW (>here<) with some changes on the circuit. I have 4.8V rechargeable battery for the V+, and I changed the resistor values to make it detect dark and white. The 10kohm to 420ohm and 330ohm to 220ohm. It sends a high when white is in front and low on black but its too slow. Is everything wrong?

Modular robot kits

Is there any robotshop that sells modular robot kits? Like in the video. It would be fun to play around with punch of such modules. Although they are simple enough to build by yourself too.

RoboGames 2009 in San Francisco

Hey all!  I haven't been to the site in a while, but I'm dropping by today to announce that I will be attending RoboGames 2009!  The event is from June 12-14 in San Francisco, and I'll be attending it on Saturday (the 13th).  Unfortunately I won't have time to build a sumo bot before the event, so I won't be competing this year.

I'll be checking out all the events, but I'd imagine the combat bots will be the most entertaining, so that's probably where I'll be for most of the day.

constant current and voltage source for charging

i have 5V current source and I want to charge 3 cell NiCd pack with it. Idea is to charge with voltage ~4.2 and current ~90mA. I know this circuit can be made with one transistor or less but i havn't found anything useful yet. Can anyone help, povide schematics or ideas?

Monty Python clips!

Inspired by Totoro's bot and videos i opened up a new topic where we can post the funniest monty python clips.

Here's my first, philosophers playing football:


Father's Day Contest

Gadget GangsterNick at Gadget Gangster has announced a PICAXE Father's Day Contest. 

Docking Logic

Here is a good article for everybody working on dock logic



hi all,

I'm new to this forum. And I am making a new robot that will have a "go to home" functionality....

25 Microhips that shook the world




















I thought I would pass along Brian Santo's article "25 Microchips that Shook the World" from the IEEE Spectrum magaaine. 


It makes some interesting reading.

I think this is going to be a very stupid question....

... but how do I work out what size resistor I need to use when working with an LED?  I have looked around on Google but I can't find a formula / answer?

 Please can someone advise?

a 3 legged walker

Hi everyone!

 I have been thinkng about building a 3 legged walking robot. Does anyone have any suggestions about where to start or go about it?



Newbie - Pleased To Meet You!

Hello all. I am so glad that this site exists, and I'm so happy that I found it!

As soon as the wife and I sell our house and move into our new one, I'm going to be building a drum machine robot. One of my good friends linked me to the Yellow Drum Machine robot this morning, and now I am hooked. This robot hits home to me a little bit because I used to be a drummer in a moderately successful rock band. The same friend that let me see the Yellow Drum Machine has built his own R2-D2, see http://www.chrislee.tv/robotics/r2blog.html

Closest shop to Belgium


 I'm rather new here. ( Actually I was here a year ago once, but now i can't wait any longer... I want to make my robot )

 Where would I best buy my parts? ( I'd like most to buy all my parts in one shop, or isn't that possible ? )
UK isn't that far for shipping, so do you guys know some good shops in UK ?
Or other shops that are not far away from Belgium ?

 Thank you Guys !

Kindly regards Laurens

Is My Arduino Dead?

Is my arduino dead.
i have the Arduino deicimela or whatever.
i have my code and when i verify its say "yep she's good mate, upload er".
but when i go to upload er it sits there for ages the IDE freezes and then to me it says "look here mate lets get something right even though i said its all good, im just not in the mood so im not gonna upload it until you make me feel better". however to anyone else it would look like this:

Binary sketch size: 976 bytes (of a 14336 byte maximum)

Futurlec is cheap... but so slow...

I've ordered a bunch of components almost a month ago... and still nothing... they say they sent it, but for now no news...

It was only after i ordered that i saw a post saying they're slow... and indeed they are... -_-v

 I really hope i'll have it newt week!

Arduino starter kits...

I am a newbie and dont own any kit yet but I have decided that I want to start out with the Arduino as I am a C# programmer so the C language of the Arduino is like second nature to me!

I think I'm going to go for the Arduino Mega so I have plenty of connections and memory to work with.  Problem is that I can seem to find any starter kits that come with the Mega - does anyone know of any out there?  If not - is there a suggested shopping list of things I should be starting out with to practice on - if so, what do you suggest?

what is wrong?! ..and what can i do!?

okay..         so i just finished my new robot(8 servo quadropod)and started makeing a test program.   when the test program was done i downloaded it to the picaxe and it worked! then i started to try out use the srf05 to see if it was plugged in the right way! so i made another program and tryed it and that worked too!