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Max did it!!

he final broke the SB with MR speedo,:


picaxe and Sparkfun COM-11644

I am trying to get a Sparkfun COM-11644 working using a serial connection from a Picaxe 08m2.  I have tried every combination of 08m2 pins and commands and the display responds to nothing.

The connections from the 08m2 are Vcc, Gnd and c.4 as the serial pin.  I also have this post on the Picaxe forum and have gotten several replies all of which I have tried with no success and I have sent an email to Sparkfun technical support (no response yet).

The current code is here:

#picaxe 08m2


#com 3

setfreq m8


LMRnet AKA LMR IoT (Internet of Things) Data Service


AKA LMR IoT (Internet of Things) Data Service

Some days ago I saw in sparkfun news this particular one about their new Data Service (https://www.sparkfun.com/news/1527).
After that I asked Frits and Matt if we could host something similar on LMR's servers.

Get $10 Back for 3D Printer DIY Kit For Reprap Prusa Mendel i3

ICStation is into the 3D printer market now. And the first DIY kits is online for sell. We had provided with detailed installation info and debugging tips for learner/ hobbyists.

Help with Beaglebone Black balancing robot

Hello everyone, I want to start by saying this question post might become long and I hope you guys hang on and are able to help me. So here we go :)

First of all the robot is barely able to balance. Here is a video of the robot trying to balance. The problem seems to be that the robot is not able to reach the setpoint fast enough. This is a speculation so you guys give me your ideas on what the problem is also.


Right now I'm not really concerned with understanding the sound, but more with localizing it so I can point the bot's head at the speaker.

I was thinking of two cheap microphones with something behind them that would absorb sound. Then I could just focus on anything I could hear with both mikes and point the head until the sound is the loudest in both ears. If the sound is directly behind the bot, it should be possible to determine this by a very small microphone in the rear of the head.

Has anybody used a scheme like this?

Just a quick note

I know I've said this before in different ways. I know it's gushing, and I know it's kind of mutual admiration society stuff, but I don't care.

Ladies and Gentlemen of The Letsmakerobots.com community, you are the finest human beings I have ever been exposed to.

Thank you all for your continued participation here, from sharing your brilliant or modest or silly ideas and creations to teaching n00bs to lmgtfy or rtfm, or just goofing around in the shoutbox.

New Issue Servos killing Video...vice-versa

So I now have color tracking working on-board the Beagleboard-XM computer.  I also have servo control (via Torobot 24 USB servo controller).

However, when I try to run both the USB camera and the USB servo controller together at the same time the results are aweful.

I can usually make about 3-5 servo calls before the system resets.  If I don't connect the camera I can control the servos for hours. 

Designing the chassis

Hi ! 

Im trying to make my first robot chassis. I ran into some problems: Where to make the holes for the tires and such. My concern is the things wont align up so the wheels wont be straight. I saw some of you guys having these super cool design plans where everything is straight and good to go. How do you make these? What programs do you use? 



Nosy's New Brain


Your advice would be appreciated on the choice of micro-controllers and programming languages for a new outdoors, autonomous mobile robot, already named Nosy. Built to take part in Robo-Magellan type contests (if such were ever to be held in this country!!) this robot would be used to develop new systems and processes as well as 'just for fun'.

I've been through these forums, and similar ones on other boards, but have found no obvious solution. None of the suggestions seem powerful enough for my design.

MDIBs - Metadata Driven Internet Brains

I'm always asking myself, "What is logical for how to build a smarter bot with today's tech and the tech soon to come?"  

Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Qusetion

Hi All, I am currently using Arduino Mega 2560 R3, with the Rover5 explorer board, I have load to code but the unit is not working properly, My question is, Do I need to prepair the Mega R3 in some way, before I load the program, or when you load up a new code, does it write over the old cde.




Rover 5 Power up http://youtu.be/NP9d5ouBVTE

T'REX Controller on Wild thumper 6WD

Hi, I just put the new T'rex controller on my Wild thumper 6wd, and i put the bluetooth module to controlled by my smart phone, but the problem is , it's running very slow, and lack of power.......

how to get arm middle-segment to rotate 360, while rest of arm stays still?

Hey everyone,

I saw a video a while back of a motoman robot cycling through some movements.  One of the things it did was stick its arms out straight, and then begun to 360 degree rotate a middle section of its arm, while the adjacent sections stayed put.  How did it accomplish this without twisting the wires inside?  Heres a pic to help describe what i'm talking about:

cordless drill electric brake + stepper motor = saving power while not moving?

Hi All,

I've been trying to find out how the electric brake in cordless drills work, but am having no luck.  The appear to be able to stop the drill motor instantly with no wind-down.  

If anyone knows how this system works, can you provide a brief description or point me in the direction of where to go and learn about it?

What I had in mind was applying this type of braking system to a stepper motor of a balancing robot, so that I could save power, during those moments when the balancing robot is balanced and the motor is not moving.  

PLA 3D Printer Filament.

Hey all,

Long time no see. I've been on an adventure starting my own business, Citizen Scientific Workshop. We've just got some air in our wings with new products and such, and one of them is PLA 3D Printer Filament. If you visit my site, you can see all of the pretty colors


smart way of turning around

I've seen these 1 motor walkers before, with the big disavavantage that they can only walk straight forward.  Look how smart this is solved on this robot by adding an extra wheel :)

Homemade Remote Controlled Walking Robot: http://youtu.be/zrbTm6BFO_U


Charging a Lithium (LiFePo4) battery in place


Groucho's (a wheelchair based robot) battery is a monster 90 lbs of battery (24v, 100 amp-hr).

I'm hoping to be able to just turn off the robot and then disconnect the load (the battery is connected to the power distribution system via an Anderson PowerPole) and hook it to the the charger.

Hopefully this is not risky.

What I want to eventually do is to have Groucho plug himself into the wall socket himself. For that I'd need a lot of things to happen in the right order, with testing.

Rover 5 Explorer board Question

Hi, I am currently assembling my Rover 5, I have connected the Motors, encoders and the batteries  (6 x NiMh AA,s).

I plugged in a 12vdc 1amp plug pack, and flipped the power switch to charge, After about 15 - 20 seconds, I noticed a smell and turned the charger off, I went over both sides of the board and all looked fine, I did find however, the Resistor directly behind the power switch, was warm to hot.