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RaspberryPi SecurityBot

I recently bought a raspberry pi model b  because i would like to make a security bot. I got all the things ready but i have one problem. I can stream the video to an ip address but is very low .it's like 2fps .can anyone suggest me a way for a faster stream.


Note : I use the motion service on rasperry pi i don't know if this help

Newbie questions about stepper motor

Hello, I know absolutely nothing about mechanics, I just bought an Arduino and was able to set it up to get a stepper motor spinning. I want to build a moving camera mount with it, then later a robot. But I'm having some very stupid problems I'm not sure how to best solve.

Beware of these recent phishing scams

This is nothing to do with robots but I have had 2 scams in 2 days so I thought I'd warn you. Recently there have been some high profile security leaks and it seems there are some arseholes trying to take advantage of it.


The first scam claimed to be a shipping confirmation from Amazon with an attached zip file. Since I never order from amazon and the email address is bogus, actually sent from "newskmle@idriveyouupawall.com" I knew it was a scam and automatically deleted it.


Making a submersible tracked rover.

Well, i'm not a absolute beginner but i doubt if this is not a stupid question so here it is.

Looking at making a waterproof tracked robot wich would be able to drive intto a pool up to about 2 feet deep.

A friend of mine made me a aluminium chassis (box) wich is complete waterproof.

My problem is, how can i connect the motoraxes to the track wheels through the chassis in order to avoid infiltration of water ?

And would a RC signal still be receivable through about 2 feet of water or should i have to make some kind of a tethered system ?

Please help me with my battery issues..

Hello everybody!

I'm building a tank robot using some Bosch PSR 18 drill motors (got a great deal, £10 each).
They didn't come with batteries.. and I'm not sure how to power them.

I thought about buying the bosch battery packs on ebay but turns out they're quite expensive, and I'm trying to do it all cheap.
So I thought, get some similar battery packs.. 18v 1500mah, but they're expensive too.

I really need help, all I plan on doing is flicking the power on and off with a few relays to move the tank.. nothing clever.

3D printing service

Hello there MakerRobots fellows.

I am Mathias. I'm here to provide 3D printing service for anyone who needs their model(s) 3d printed. I am currently owning a 3D printer that can print up to 143x143x80mm the prices can be discussed over E-mail/other communication programs.

Usual price is 10€ 50mm

I am located in Denmark, No free shipping.

If you're interested contact me here down below.


I am aswell getting a website up and running soon which will provide more information.

What would happen when two BoBs meet?

I was wondering if it would be possible to form two soccer teams consisting of BoBs and have them competing in a match. 

Creating a somewhat intelligent ball-thingy that knows when its' in which teams goal can't be too hard.

The first challenge that comes to my mind however is the sonars jamming or confusing each other. I mean, when Ronaldo-BoB casts his pings and gets a response, he may just as well be receiving (and thus acting on) Messi-BoB's pings as to his own. How will he ever know what to listen for and when to ignore?

Summer Sale $50 bots!

Well, its that time of year again --Kids are getting out of school and getting bored... What a great time to get your kids into programming and robotics!

For the whole of the summer, 2014, Rocket Brand Studios will be selling our Tadpole Educational kit for just $49.95! 

Android Controlled Robot : Wifi vs Bluetooth

Hello guys,

I have an HC-05 module lying somewhere and I plan to use it to control a robot. I'll need an Android phone running an Android app to control the robot, that communicates with the module, and a controller board ( preferably Arduino for me ). While this process is simpler and straightforward, I wanted to know how it stacks up against a wifi enabled system.

On-board charger


I am redoing the power system of my robot that I built last year to increase safety (preventing shorts, adding emergency cut-off,etc),  convience (adding master switch and switches for each sub system rather than connecting battery connectors) and bling (blue 7-segment displays that show voltage for each sub-system).  

SRAM from WingShing - I can't find any datasheet

I bought some time ago a SRAM IC of WingShing to experiment with it, but i can't find any datasheets about it.

It's the WS6116LLP-70 with the text 0518GC under it and it does have 24 pins.

I searched already but i do find only datasheets about IC's with 28 or 32 pins.


Already thanks for responding!

New Bevel Gears from ServoCity

Now you can build right angle drives inside or outside of channel with these new 24 tooth, 32 pitch bevel gears. We offer them in four bore sizes, 1/4”, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm. Great for building differentials or any application where you need to transfer rotational motion 90 degrees. Sold individually with set-screw.

What is your favorite dual H-bridge motor driver?

I am looking to find out what motor drivers people like, so that I can try them with my RoboPi controller.

So far, I have tried driver boards based on:

- L9110S

- L293D

- L298N

- a Cytron 15A/channel discrete MOSFET board

I have, but have not tried yet

- Dagu "Mr. Basic" driver board

- Dagu 4 channel board for the Rover 5

- OEM 320A (I have serious doubts about the rating) driver

Which boards do y'all like, and why? Please give amp rating and price if possible, and links would be great too :)

Mapping a range of numbers to another range of numbers ....

Hi all ... had to convert a range of numbers in my online course to another range of numbers using C code ... 

in Arduino this is easy using the Map function ... but i had a lot of problems trying to figure out to do it in C and after googling online and not finding anything of use decided id have to try harder doing it myself so got out the excel sheet and tryed working it out myself ... and after getting it sorted decided to do a little write up on it .... 

Best way to drive two motors

My goals are to (1) move the plunger of a 1ml syringe for about 0.5cm in a second then move it all the way back; and (2) move another plunger of another 1ml syringe for about 1.5cm in a second then move it all the way back. The movements of syringes are coordinated but not necessary in unison, meaning one might lag behind another.

Bluetooth controlled projects - Android/iPhone apps

Hi everyone


I'm coming to the end of a project; a Wall-e Robot, with Arduino internals, controlled by Bluetooth via an attached module.

I have made a simple python app and also found a few android apps that do a job;

The controllers send a single character to the Arduino (F, B, L, R etc) and the Arduino triggers the correct motion.


I am stumped looking for an iPhone app to allow me to do the same, however - has anyone ever found such an app?

Robot Talk Show 'Babbling Bots'


UPDATE 20/5/2014

The show was succesfully livestreamed and can now be watched by those who missed it here.

Thanks to all the LMR folk that came along! They've told me it was good and I thought it went good so I'm happy.

How to program a maze bot in PICAXE for 18M2 Kilroy? (Urgent)

Hi, I'm Eleni, a high school student :) In my technology class, we are required to participate in a robotics competition in three catergories, two of which I am already sufficient in, but the third...not so much. I'm not very savvy at coding (PICAXE), and my robot is 5.25x7.25 inches, and we're only allowed to use touch sensors to help it get through the "maze" (the set-up is an attachment). I understand the basics of coding, but I'm pretty lost...I would greatly appreciate some help, as it's due tomorrow. Thanks! :D

Robot Competition

I am beginner to robotics.  I just wanted to know if there are any local robotic competions that I can attend.  Right now, I am only a freshman in High School.  Also, I live in the New York area.