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Instructables Robotic Camera Dolly System

The Instructables team did an awesome job of designing and implementing this robotic camera dolly system.  To view a complete build log and parts list visit http://www.instructables.com/id/Robotic-Camera-Dolly-System/

My journey into building a 3d printer from old printer parts

Just because I've got nothing better to do with all my free time....

  (copy of by blog at http://arduino-pi.blogspot.ca/ )

LCD Display

My teacher let me borrow one of his old 16x2 LCD display kits. I wanted to use it to work with arduino rather than with the kit components. I went on arduinos website and found the "hello world" tutorial. I wired everything on a breadboard and used the example program but the only thing that happens is the backlight comes on but no words. The kit even says it's arduino compatible and I re-wired about 5 times to make sure I had it right and got the same result every time. Any ideas?

Pixy- cmucam5

Just got it.  

I plugged in the usb and it couldn't find drivers for it.  

Just figured out how to take the lens cap off.  

I could sure use a manual.


Need help for mapping and edge detection for traversing of my robot.

My bot consists of 3 IR sensor,,,two fixed in two sides f the front and one on the servomotor at the middle top. I wrote this arduino program to detect a gap among some obstacles for my bot to pass through. Please tel me where i am going wrong or whether my logic s correct or not???


#include  <Servo.h>


Servo myservo;

int pos=0;

int dist[17];


int STBY = 10; 

int PWMA = 3; 

int AIN1 = 9; 

int AIN2 = 8; 

int PWMB = 5;

int BIN1 = 11;

int BIN2 = 12;

Mini Sumo Motors

What would be good high torque dc motors for a sumo robot in the 20x20cm size range? I found a few (and had a few unconventional ideas such as using 2 chordless dremels to drive wheels) but would like some more ideas. Thanks!

Ps- Wheel ideas are welcome too, but I think I will buy them from Robot Marketplace

Vendor list discussion

Great that we have a market place now on LMR. However, we might need to modify some small bits of it.

In my opinion we should hide the personal data (phone number, email, physical address) from the public and make a registration mandatory. It's ok to keep the buyers on the safe side but also the vendors need protection. First protection against spam, I am getting every day phone calls with intersting offers for insurances, finacial sevices etc. 

That's all for now...i hope we can get some other opinions. I will create an account there, that's for sure :-)

Considering Buying a Makibox...

I'm ready to take my builds beyond the scrap level. I have been noticing that I have good ideas, but have a hard time building my ideas from lack of materials, tools, funds, etc. Now that I am in college I think its time for me to start investing more time and money into my builds (without going overboard or breaking the bank). One thing that came to mind was a 3d printer: would this be a good investment for me at this time?

I heard that Kariloy had a Makibox: is this a good printer? Does anyone else have one? If so, would you reccomend it?

newping library delay problems

HELLO, I’ve been trying to use the new ping library with 3x us-100 ultrasonic sensors. And it works perfect with the included “newping15sensor” sketch but........ Unfortunately it does not allow delays in the code that are over 33milliseconds. And that simple will not do. So I tried to write my own multi ultrasonic sensor code that did not include the newping library. But that sorter failed. So I was wonder how everyone else deals with this. I looked around for ages but did not find any code.






Scavange/reverse-engineer ALL the things!

Im sure most of us recover parts from where they can be scavanged

I recently picked up a "broken" printer/scanner from work. Ive pulled out a whole stack of working DC motors with encoders, belts, pulleys, cogs and rubber wheels.

It also has a cool looking little strip light which must be the light source for the scanner. Its like a flourescent tube, but tiny and slightly flexible.

Servo programming

I have 3-9g servos and would like them to move simultaneously and individually. I am using the arduino sketch app.

Is this the best software to use or can you reccomend something else?


Dagu Mini Driver: What driver do I use?

So, just plugged in my mini driver! Blue light flashes and red one stays solid, but I cannot seem to get it to work because...

I am unable to install the right driver on my device right now (COM9). Nor will the Arduino IDE recognize COM9. I point the computer to the right folders, and it does not recognize any drivers. I do it myself and am unable to install any driver (Bossa Program Port or otherwise). I have tried with the mini driver being off and on, neither works. I am running windows 7.

What am I doing wrong?

Wiki Sneak Preview

A little sneak preview of the new wiki.

The mini mobile robot

Here's a practical use for omni wheels. Check it out some time: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1686304142/the-mini-mobile-robotic-printer

What about a camera ?

Hello ! I actually have several questions. I want to make a robot with a camera. How do you best incorporate a camera in a robot ? do you use an IP camera with its own microcontroller or do you use your own microcontroller and connect the camera to it? also what streaming mechanism is better to use to transmit video from the robot to a computer, bluetooth or WiFi ?

Sorry if my questions are scrambled, thats because i have no idea yet how am I going to build the robot i have in mind !!

Thank you

Just A Big Question

Well My BIG question is:

Can you tell me how did you manage to send the video from camera to internet and control it ? Also do i need to upload any specific program on the raspberry to do that?


Security Bot For My House

Hi There,

I recently start to desing and build the same time a security bot for my house.The idea is to add a camera some sensors and that's it. I will open my netbook or pc login into the network and drive this from anywhere. But i need some help with it vision i want to put a usb camera and i don't know how to transmit it on the network. And then i saw a wr703n mini router. I will put a battery to supply my bot and the same time the router. Is this going to work or ......? 


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