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im a beginner

I know nothing about robotics.However I used to be in a robotics club and since then I've always wanted to improve my skills.If you guys could please give me advice or tips I would really appreciate that.


PICAXE sound request

So today i was on the picaxe website and i found the tunes subsite and i downloaded the TV ones and i coulded find a BTTF one and im to dumb to make one my self so can i request some ??


Walking Dead

Breaking Bad 

Picking Processors and controllers for a robot. Need Help

My friend and I are currently working on building a robot which incorporates a lot of DC motors, as well as sensors and 3d mapping of surroundings. 

Opening up openCV

So with Ladvien on sabbatical from his lab and CP busy DJing at the sailing club, I thought now would be a good time to solicit another think piece since the two highest google hit authors on the subject (no joke-our boys are number one!) aren't making robots this week.

Sonar RADAR GUI Windows APP (SensorVal,Degree)

UPDATED 3 Sonar Sensors 360 Degree - 120 Degree Servo Rotation

Improved for multi sensing. You can now use THREE Sonar sensors to display on a graph.

Improved Serial port handling, Wire-Tension is coming soon, Serial Port Availability[Menu Item] is also coming soon.

Need help in controlling a RC truck motor

Hi there, I plan on making a obstacles avoidance robot by using the front steering motor from a RC truck I got at a store. So, I'm wondering how do I control the motor? its obvious that the RED wire is for the motor, but the remaining 4 wire I seriously got no idea how to connect it to a Arduino UNO and control the steering of the front wheels.

About PN100

Hi there Ma'ams, Sirs,

I would go directly ask my question about PN100.. I dont know what was really its purpose in some of the circuits, like Mr. OddBot's IR eye compound.. I dont know how it works... I tried to search it in google (http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/MM/MMBT100.pdf) ..yeah, I'm sorry for your disappointment that I just dont know about those stuffs to be honest..  Then I tried to search in youtube, but I got no answer.. (http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=PN100+tutorials)


Calculate turning diameter

I am building a robot and want to calculate the turning diameter for a given angle of my wheels. 

I tried googling it but cannot find to seem the formula. 

So for example I have a wheelbase of 10cm and my front wheels are angled at 20 degrees. How big will my diameter be? 
I also want to understand what the effect is if I increase/decrease the wheelbase and front/rear axes.


Mmm.. about PN100

sorry sirs,ma'ams,

I do a lot of reaserch about the PN100..in youtube and google..Yeah I got an answer on google...but it seems like i dont understand this http://www.futurlec.com/Transistors/PN100.shtml ... and i got no answer from youtube..http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=PN100+tutorial


I just really want to know about its purpose on the IR compound eye of Sir Oddbot..Cause, I do really study all things realted into a stuff


I would just like to beg your answers, 


360 Degree Laser Scanner Development Kit (RPLIDAR)

Some years ago we were dreaming of a nice and cool and also precise way to map a room or the surroundings of a robot. Today it's coming affordable and available not only for high funded institutions but for all the hobbyists and robot builders.

Flic-Flac spider

Addittionnaly to the funny spider shown in this video, an uncommon robot was made to imitate it's particular way to escape from predators.



[solved] Where are my drafts?


the drafts section on my account has been gone. Can someone else check this?



Using LM324 amplilfer for GPS navigation mobile robot

Hi, I am doing a project on Navigation of Mobile Robot Using GPS and my objective is to design an autonomous mobile robot that can navigate itself from its own position into specific position using GPS.

Favorite batteries?

I've been using RadioShack 7.2v 3.3Ah NiCads for years now and I can't get them cheap anymore.  There are so many choices on eBay I don't even know where to start with seach terms. What are you guys using?  Remember I tend to work in the bigger-than-desktop bot ouvre.  3.7v packs are going to be a little smallish.

coop buyin filament


just came across this, may work out for you guys across the pond.

14m2 IR Controlling

At my school we are working with PICAXE 14m2 and we got a task to figger out how to controll it using a remote that my teacher will supply 


can anyone help me with this